No big marketing machine behind the scene...

Just me with my big lamp and small stool.

And I love it!

You can call me Jules & Morris


I started this adventure almost 4 years ago.

By having to make neckties for a television assignment, I started to turn this product inside out, study it, start making it, kept making it and still keep on making it.

I found it such a beautiful and fascinating article that I was determined to start my own label.

But... not just any label, my ties had to be different, my personal touch had to be in it.

I like simple things but always with that little bit more. Something extra, a subtle touch, that upgrades the article, that catches your eye, that makes you smile.

This is what you will find in my collection.

The name Jules & Morris comes from my niece's Sphynx cats.

Unfortunately Jules has lost his brother last year, the Morris tie in the collection is an ode to Morris

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